Missionary Appeal for Jamaica

The Christadelphian Bible Mission Canada (CBMC), which supports ecclesial activities in the Caribbean (including Guyana) is urgently appealing for a full-time missionary presence in Jamaica – this could be a brother or a married couple.  Are you interested?  Here is a summary of the current situation:

  • In the mid-2000’s, there were 12 active ecclesias on the Island of Jamaica (see map). In 2017, six ecclesias are holding regular Remembrance Services – Broughton, Harvey River, Kingston, May Pen, Round Hill and Spanish Town.  Currently, there are about 100 active members spread across this country – approximately 25% are brothers and half of these are ‘platform active’.  This puts a great burden on a few brothers to minister the Word in their own ecclesias, as well as supporting other meetings.  At the same time, it must be stressed that the sisters are a great source of strength in the various meetings!  However, the Jamaican ecclesias have great concern for the future of the Brotherhood on the Island.  Why has there been such a change?  Here are some of the multiple reasons – members emigrating to other countries, partly due to economic hardship in Jamaica;  small ecclesias in remote areas suspending meetings due to dwindling membership and no youth; and elder leaders with physical health problems.  Also, the demands of daily life make it difficult for members, in general, to dedicate the time required to sustain regular ecclesial activities. The Christadelphian Bible Mission Jamaica (CBMJ) has appealed for more help from the CBMC.

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Costa Rica Year-End Conference

The year-end conference in Costa Rica took place from the 23rd to the 25th of December, 2016, with just over 40 attending. The campground is a beautiful site they have used for quite a few years with comfortable cabins with bunk beds and hot water for showers. The location is very picturesque, full of lots of big shade trees and lush tropical vegetation and a lovely swimming pool with a fountain. The campground also has a dining hall where a staff prepares hearty, typical Costa Rican food for the campers. Read more »

October in Jamaica

The month of October 2016 was indeed a spiritual blessing from our Heavenly Father!  The Jamaican Brotherhood was encouraged with overseas support from Brother Don Luff of Ontario Canada, Brother Nigel & Sister Devonna Small from New Jersey USA and Brother Andre George from the Caribbean Island of St. Lucia.  We are thankful that Hurricane Matthew, which threatened to cause serious damage to the Island October 2nd to 4th, veered east of Jamaica, allowing the efforts of our visitors to go forward.  We were saddened though at the resultant devastation from Matthew in Haiti and areas north of us.  Read more »

Visit to Brazil, Argentina & Paraguay

Visits to members and friends in South America

One of the challenges of the mission field is providing service to brethren and sisters and contacts in isolation. Email, telephone and Skype are a tremendous help in teaching, maintaining friendships and providing spiritual support. But even then, members need the lift provided by personal visits and it’s important to meet and talk personally with promising contacts as they grow in the Truth. With these factors in mind I was able in July and August to visit two brethren and two friends in South America.


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Parfait Outreach Sunday School

This Sunday school of 15-30 students was started about 3 years ago by sis. Candace Harrycharran. Candace, her husband, bro. Charles and her daughter, Caroline, relocated across the Demerara River from Eccles, their home ecclesia.

Early Sunday morning she invited neighbor children to come to her house to learn about the Bible. They met under a tarp at the side of their house. The Sunday school has grown through God’s blessing and the dedicated efforts of brethren. Eccles ecclesia holds a Gospel Proclamation meeting there every other Sunday when some of the parents attend to hear the Bible talks. Since the school has become too big for sis. Candace to manage alone the two young sisters from Eccles come faithfully every Sunday to teach the children. They are sis. Joanna Porte and sis. Faida N’Djelekulu. Please remember this group of Sunday school children and their parents in prayer. This is a very poor neighborhood and the Gospel can bring hope to these children and their families.

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