Trinidad & Tobago

Languages:  English
Main Religions:  Roman Catholic, Protestant, Hindu
Ecclesias:   Arima (Trinidad), Erin (Trinidad), Marabella (Trinidad),MountGrace(Tobago) (71 members in total, 96 in Sunday School, 4 in CYC)
Contact:  Brad Butts

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Plans are being made to host the 2012 Caribbean wide CYC Youth Camp on theislandofTobagofrom August 4-11.  The local brethren are very excited about this opportunity and are expecting approximately 150 to attend.   A Bible School will be held as well just prior to the youth camp.  The Bible School is a “day school” conducted at the Mt. Grace ecclesial hall.  Due to the proximity of the youth camp there will be a larger number of attendees for this event as well.  The Truth Corps plans to visit Tobago during Bible School week and will help with youth classes and outreach activities.  All are looking forward to the fellowship these two events will provide, Lord willing.