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This Is Your Bible

The outreach through (TIYB) has been greatly blessed since its inception in 2006. This is a united

effort between CBMA, CBM-UK, and ACBM.  TIYB is primarily a tool for connecting students to Christadelphian tutors and ultimately to ecclesias.

2011 was a year of rebuilding with changes in personnel, structure and technology.  The underlying goal of these changes has been to modernize both the look and the technology of the site to provide a versatile platform from which a high quality and unique preaching resource can be maintained and developed. In addition, the Learn to Read the Bible Effectively video seminars were added to the site as another way to aid either students or ecclesias to learn about God’s plan.

One of the clear needs is to expand TIYB outreach to accommodate other languages. Our first plan, Lord willing, is to merge into the TIYB platform in 2012.

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