Chile – The Ecclesia of God meets in South America

Christ told a parable about a man starting to build a tower or a king going to war and not “counting the cost”. One lesson in life is that when you suggest an event you need to follow it through to completion. Many months ago we began planning a Bible School to be held in […] Read more »

Vacation Bible School in Guyana

In the summer months of July and August this year, ecclesias in Guyana organized a really wonderful activity called “The Vacation Bible School” for Sunday School age students.  The idea of the VBS is that for a week, a day camp is organized at where young people from Kindergarten age to teens within the community and their own Sunday […] Read more »

Bible Exhibition in Barbados

For the second year the Bank Hall Ecclesia in Barbados hosted a Bible Exhibition.  We give thanks to our Heavenly Father for this opportunity. Thanks also to the Brooklyn and Atlanta ecclesias in the U.S. and to Bro. David Corbin for making this possible. The theme this year was “Armageddon”. We printed most of the […] Read more »

Missionary Introduction to Chile

  Way back in 2009/10 we (Andrew and Shaye) spent almost 6 months in Chile working for a New Zealand company.  During that time we experienced first-hand the isolation of the few brothers and sisters here.  Though our Spanish was extremely limited (well actually, Andrew’s was totally non-existent), simply turning up to the meetings giving […] Read more »

Jamaica – Ash Wednesday Fraternal “Are We Ready?”

During our February visit to Jamaica, we had an enjoyable mini-fraternal at the Broughton Ecclesial Hall, with members from Argyle Mountain and Harvey River present.  There were about 20 in attendance for the Remembrance Service and a hot meal together.  The exhortation topic was on our use of ‘Time’, with the consolation of Revelation 10:18, […] Read more »