Works of Faith

Several years ago, the CBMA developed a Works of Faith program to satisfy several needs. The annual CBMA budget meeting is held in December of each year, and as you can imagine, after it is competed, during the course of each year, unplanned needs surface throughout the mission field. In addition, individual brothers & sisters and ecclesias asked us how they could become directly involved in helping the brothers & sisters and ecclesias in mission areas. These projects are designed to meet these needs.

We all understand that it is best to coordinate and organize all giving through those who are closely involved in the local situations – so the process begins with the link brothers forwarding the request. After meeting the requirements, the project is publicized in the Tidings each month or a separate appeal is sent out if needed. These projects have been funded by individual donations but are ideal for a CYC, Sunday School, or a whole Ecclesia to adopt.

Once funded, the link brother follows through to ensure that the funds are put to use as per the initial request and that the project is completed. Once again, here in the “Works of Faith” section of the website or in the Tidings there will be a monthly update when we have Works of Faith Projects on the table that need funding.

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