Chile – The Ecclesia of God meets in South America

Christ told a parable about a man starting to build a tower or a king going to war and not “counting the cost”. One lesson in life is that when you suggest an event you need to follow it through to completion. Many months ago we began planning a Bible School to be held in Chile for brethren in South America. The location in the mountains about an hour outside of Santiago is called ‘La Bella Durmiente’ – with cabins and outdoor recreational facilities in a quiet area away from the busy capital of 7,000,000. In the back of our minds we had a figure of about 20 attendees, assuming that many wouldn’t be able to make it due to other commitments or distance. Assumptions! In truth we were blessed with the best problem possible – too many people (40) for the place we had booked – maximum of ~30! We began with an idea of a gathering to support the brethren here in Chile, and ended with a landmark event for many in South America.

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Vacation Bible School in Guyana

In the summer months of July and August this year, ecclesias in Guyana organized a really wonderful activity called “The Vacation Bible School” for Sunday School age students.  The idea of the VBS is that for a week, a day camp is organized at where young people from Kindergarten age to teens within the community and their own Sunday School are invited come and enjoy lessons about the Bible.

Crafts, songs, drama presentations, social events and so much more are organized for the young people. Dozens and dozens of children participate and it involves countless hours of planning and preparation to organize such an incredible activity such as this.  In our most recent trip to Guyana, we were able to bring down two 50lb suitcases full of pre-prepared crafts, stickers, prizes and all sorts of fun things to help out in their work, donated and prepared by willing hands here in Toronto! 

There is no greater responsibility we have in this life than to teach the children God has left in our care about Him and His wonderful ways!  Please keep our Brethren and Sisters in Guyana in your thoughts and prayers as they continue to work with their Sunday School children.

Written by Sis. Liz Carr, one of Link Couples for Guyana

Bible Exhibition in Barbados

For the second year the Bank Hall Ecclesia in Barbados hosted a Bible Exhibition.  We give thanks to our Heavenly Father for this opportunity. Thanks also to the Brooklyn and Atlanta ecclesias in the U.S. and to Bro. David Corbin for making this possible.

The theme this year was “Armageddon”. We printed most of the leaflets and invitation to be used at the event.  A week before the event, homes around of the hall were given invitations to attend.  On the day of the exhibition, several brothers and sisters were on hand to help share leaflets, encourage people passing the hall to come in and also take the 19 visitors around the hall to show and explain the exhibits.  Special thanks go to our Bro. Ashraf, who once again was on hand to help.  His contributions of a miniature temple and copies of the Dead Sea Scrolls were an invaluable addition to the event. He also gave two lectures in support of the exhibition.  We pray God continues to bless him.

Missionary Introduction to Chile


Way back in 2009/10 we (Andrew and Shaye) spent almost 6 months in Chile working for a New Zealand company.  During that time we experienced first-hand the isolation of the few brothers and sisters here.  Though our Spanish was extremely limited (well actually, Andrew’s was totally non-existent), simply turning up to the meetings giving an extra 30% to the numbers was helpful to them. 

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Jamaica – Ash Wednesday Fraternal “Are We Ready?”

During our February visit to Jamaica, we had an enjoyable mini-fraternal at the Broughton Ecclesial Hall, with members from Argyle Mountain and Harvey River present.  There were about 20 in attendance for the Remembrance Service and a hot meal together.  The exhortation topic was on our use of ‘Time’, with the consolation of Revelation 10:18, when there will be “time no longer.”  Brother Matthew Williams is the recording brother and the only brother of the 5 member Harvey River Ecclesia.  At the age 91, he understandably has some health problems. When I asked him how he was, he simply had this to say – “I’m not hungry, I’m not naked and I rest in peace at night – my only worry is not being able to go to meeting.” – an attitude I will never forget.

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